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In 1890, the Rev. Knickerbacker III Bishop of Indianapolis commissioned the Rev. McGlone to investigate the possibility of a mission at Anderson. A charter was granted in 1890 to Trinity Church as Anderson joined several gas-belt congregations scattered throughout neighboring central Indiana cities.

One of the guiding lights who shared the mission vision was Mrs. George Sefton, who walked the streets of Anderson enrolling the names of Episcopalians in order to form an official parish. Services were first held in 1889 in the old Presbyterian Church on Ninth and Jackson Streets. The congregation was formally organized in 1891 at the Doxey Opera House on Meridian Street. After other moves, the parishioners finally decided to move to the present site on Eleventh and Delaware streets. The congregation was led by Senior Warden Thomas W. Wright.

Groundbreaking for the new church building took place in 1909 with a consecration in 1911. During the pastorate of the Rev. Dr. Henry Harris, the mortgage was burned in 1918. The major problem for Trinity was not having a resident clergy. In 1938, with the appointment of the Rev. Dr. Ivor G. Hyndman, came a turning point and grown for the parish. Another momentous step came on May 17, 1947, at the 100th Annual Convention when Trinity made application to become a parish effective by 1950. This status was not achieved, however, until the 118th Annual Convention, when Trinity became a nationally recognized parish on May 1, 1955.

Trinity continued to grow, first under the Rev. George A. Burns and, then, the Rev. David Laird Barclay. The parish added the Memorial Parish Hall in 1966-67.

Growth continued under the Rev. Richard Halladay and the Rev. M.A. McClure, whose ministry spanned 26 years, the longest of any of Trinity’s priests. Trinity Community Services opened in 1984 and several additional outreach ministries were instituted, including the sponsorship of a Bosnian refugee family in 1998. A new organ was dedicated with Dr. Marilyn Keiser as guest organist in 1997. Four new stained glass windows for the parish hall were blessed in 1998. Trinity took a leadership role in bringing the Irish youth program, the Ulster Project, to Anderson in 2002.

Trinity’s first deacon was the Rev. James Carter, whose service began in 1982. The Rev. Charles F. Conover became the second deacon in 1992. Trinity’s second parishioner to enter holy orders, the Rev. David Bell, served at Trinity in 1998. The Rev. Norman L. Morford served as interim rector from 1998 until 2000, when the Rev. Raymond Bradley became rector. He retired in 2004.